Since I was a child, I have been super outspoken. My family tells me I would walk up to strangers and immediately ask "What your name, where you live?". As I've grown up that confidence comes in ebbs and flows. I have hit high points and low. My self-esteem has taken quite a few hits when I allow what other people say about me affect me.

How I deal with things now is much different. I am who I am, and I do not apologize for it. Don't read in to that statement too much and immediately think I am cocky or arrogant. I am always learning, always trying to better myself , and I have MUCH to learn.

I am writing this post for two reasons. I am inspired by the many strong and confident women I surround myself with. My family and friends are absolutely amazing (I am so lucky), but I also run in to so so so many women who lack confidence.

We all are great at certain things, and we have to pat ourselves on the back for our strengths. We have to own our weaknesses and work on them, but not let those weaknesses downplay our strengths.

Today, I am inspired by women. Thank you for being so dynamic and crazy, I live meeting and learning from you all.

Happy International Women's Day!