I am always trying to learn more whether it be from people, cultures, experiences, journeys, books, etc. The more I venture out, the more I learn. I love learning about myself and as I evolve I learn what direction I want my life to go.
By taking on new things and really putting myself in uncomfortable situations I think I've grown a great deal. For instance, going away without my family to college was scary. I was financially dependent on my parents. Although I thought at 18 I was a grown up, I was rudely awakened with a reality check in college. Going through a mini identity crisis at 18 is normal; some float others sink. I made sure to get my act together, get motivated, and figure out my life. Without the adventure of moving away, I may still had been dependent on my parents today.
By taking a chance on my passion for health and fitness and creating a blog like this, opens me up for a lot of ridicule. People have hurt my feelings by certain negative comments, but I wouldn't be where I am today without hearing them. I wouldn't have pushed harder for my blog which led to my job now.
When I got hired for my "dream job" I felt like I may not be deserving. Looking back, all the adventures I took prior led me to where I am today. Adventures teach you what you want, what you don't want, and gives you some confidence in the direction you have the choice of going.

Go on an adventure, there's no better time then now!