I grew up drinking milk. Lots of it; I think my parents laughed at how many gallons we would go through each week. It's healthy right? Strong bones, good skin, long hair, it helps us grow taller, helps strong brain function. All the famous stars are in the milk ads, so that means they must drink it too! I never even thought twice when drinking a glass, until lately.

Besides the fact that cows are often treated horribly, injected with hormones, and kept in tight quarters (that's for another post later on) I want to touch on the health benefits or lack there of.

-Milk is supposed to provide us calcium for strong bones.
Think about it, cows have big strong bones, not from drinking milk!! Calcium can be found in vegetables, almond milk, beans, nuts, seeds, and herbs.
- It has protein.
You can get protein from meat itself, legumes, nuts & seeds, grains, vegetables, my favorite protein powder
- Bacteria
- Lactose intolerance
- Cancer
- Pus/ flem
- Diabetes
- Crohn's disease
- Asthma
- Pollution
- Liver disease

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