Have you ever heard that Crossfit is a crazy cult of people on this crazy paleo diet? Well, ......You're right!

I went in to the Crossfit level 1 certification this weekend thinking the same thing. Although those statements are true there is more to the story, and you need to read this to see why you have got to see(try) it for yourself!

Coming in to this weekend, let's just say I wasn't all that impressed with crossfit. I felt like this "cult" was unwelcoming and involved dangerous workouts. Being very in to health and fitness means to me that I always need to try something before placing judgement.

I went in to Crossfit norcal and opened my ears and my mind. Listened close, questioned a lot, and worked hard. I was thoroughly impressed with the people and personalities of each athlete or trainer. I was also impressed with how inviting and humble everyone was! I learned new exercises, proper technique, as well as A SENSE OF COMMUNITY. People you've never met were next to your disgusting sweaty self rooting you for one more rep. This is where I think I became a fan.

Unlike a conventional gym, you have a team. Crossfitters want the best for you even if they are competing against you. You are able to have better workouts(more intense), and when you feel like you can't push any harder there is someone there to reiterate in your mind why you can!

No- Crossfit isn't easy. Not one bit! Once you feel like you are good at something, something else is thrown your way. It's frustrating and annoying, but as an athlete that's what you need to find the motivation to get better. It's like trying to ride a bike, you see everyone who can do it and you become envious. Then you yank on your parents arm asking them if you can get a bike for Christmas and you finally learn. You fall 1,000 times, but who remembers that? No one! You remember succeeding and riding that damn bike!

Crossfit teaches you to succeed in every level of fitness. Run, bike, weightlift, Short sprints, log sprints, pull ups, thrusters, the list goes on. You excel in all aspects of physical conditioning whether you'd planned to or not.

Crossfitters to many of us come off pretty elite and sometimes arrogant, but this judgement you may have can be diffused by simply asking them a question... Why do you crossfit? You will then see how this sport has effected a large part of their life and they will light up!

Moral of my little review is, try not to judge until you have tried. It's an amazing sport that will challenge every part of you and in a sense kick your ass but make you feel like a million bucks at the same time. TRY IT, if you love the conventional gym I am not saying don't go. I am saying switch it up every once in a while!

Thanks NorCal crossfit!!!!