This July I am going to vow to have no added sugar in my diet. This is my personal choice, and lately I have noticed how addicting sugar can be. I do not really consume sugar too often, but when I do I want MORE AND MORE. I notice many of my friends, family members, and clients truly have an addiction to sugar.
I have read many articles and books on the dangers of over-consuming sugar, and how it affects the body. This article the Mayo Clinic posted was my favorite and very informing.

Now, I ask you if sugar is a big part of your diet. Can you cut out white sugar with me? Try it. It doesn't hurt to try.

Approved sweeteners:
Agave nectar
Real Maple syrup
date sauce

Things you will need to cut out this month:

Sugary cereals (most cereals, please check the label)
Soda's, fruit drinks with sugar
Sweets (candy, cakes, ice cream)
Bars (even cliff bars, special k bars, etc.)
Coffee creamers with sugar
Dressings with sugar
 Anything else that may have sugar!

“Next time you want to eat sweets, think of yourself naked. You may rethink your choice.”- Me