One of the reasons why I love California so much is because of the weather! I went to visit my friend Kate and we hopped to a morning workout, no gym needed. Grab your shoes and head out the door.

We found a big area with steps and created a high intensity stair routine. We started by sprinting up and jogging back. Then we added in moves at every break in the stairs. Here is an example of a stair workout. Play with moves that you like and make your own!

Stair workout

Sprint up and jog back
Sprint do 20 jumping jacks
Sprint do 20 mountain climbers
Sprint do 20 lunges
Sprint do 20 step ups
Sprint do 10 squat jumps
Sprint do 10 dips
Sprint do 10 pushups
Sprint do 20 side to side hops
Sprint do 20 side shuffles

Repeat if you'd like:)