What is better than a juicy, fruity, tasty salad on a summer night? Close to nothing after you try this recipe. It hits both the sweet and savory taste buds!
My amazing client brought me the freshest salmon her husband caught just yesterday!!!!! I had to enjoy it, and it needed to pop!

Salmon (wild)
Mixed greens (organic)
2 mangos (organic)
Bunch of basil (organic)
Fresh goat cheese- I used herbed (local)
Extra virgin olive oil
Agave nectar (or honey)
Salt-free seasoning (garlic)

1. Oven on HI broil. Cook fresh salmon with a bit of pepper and sprinkle of salt for about 10 minutes!
2. In large bowl add lettuce, finely chopped basil, chopped mango chunks, small pieces of cheese.
3. In a dressing shaker add 3 tbsp. Balsamic, 1 tbsp. Evoo, 1 tbsp agave, 1 tbsp mustard, shake of salt-free garlic.
4. Pour dressing over salad, and toss.
5. Serve salads in small bowl, and place filet of salmon on top!