Going through life easy isn't always fun. It gets pretty boring doing the same old, right? Why not decide today, right now to set a new challenge for yourself. Set that goal, and work your ass off to reach it with no excuses.
Ever wonder what you would look like with cutting out alcohol for a month, or what would happen if you started lifting weights every other day, how about not eating fast food for a month.
Pick something that has be bothering you and CHANGE it. Set a goal for however long you'd like. Something that would be an accomplishment for you, and not anyone else.
For example, you can try one of these..
-no sweets for a week.
-no carbs before bed this month.
-switch to almond milk this month.
-Add 3 servings of greens to my day.
-Increase my cardio by 5 minutes.
-Drink more water.
-Get the dressing on the side this month.
-Cut out cheese for 2 weeks.
-Try one group fitness class each week this month.
-Each weekend do something active outdoors.

Make up your own challenge and let me know what it is you choose!

"There is no better day than today"