Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Would you like to be? It IS possible to be vegan or vegetarian and be healthy, but you need to be smart about it. It isn't ideal to switch over to a plant-based diet without doing your research. Unfortunately, by just eating fruits and vegetables doesn't necessarily mean you are getting all the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Some key elements to add in: Leading a plant-based diet you MUST make sure you are getting some vital protein sources. -Legumes (Lentils, Chickpeas, Black beans, soy beans) -Tofu -Seitan -Tempeh -Quinoa -Nuts (Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews, Raw Walnuts, Raw Pistachio) -Seeds (Chia, Hemp, Sunflower) Iron rich foods: -Dark leafy greens -Dried fruit -Beans/lentils -Tofu -Pepitas -Iron fortified cereal -Iron pills Vitamin C rich foods: -Heppers -Herbs -Leafy greens -Citrus fruit -Fresh juices Foods high in Calcium and Vitamin D: -Almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, coconut milk -Tofu -Almonds -Leafy greens -Fortified cereals -Sun -Supplements Vitamin B-fortified or supplement: -Bananas -Peanuts -Soymilk -Avocado -Supplement Hopefully, these little tips help you fulfill your protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral needs. You should definitely choose variety, and never forget that your body needs to keep guessing. Get assessed by your doctor frequently to make sure you are fueling your body correctly!