It is summer, and who doesn't want to show off a nice round behind?! Ladies in short shorts/bikini's, and guys HAVE to face it; girls check your backside out just like you check theirs out. This workout can be for both girls and guys, guys just add a little more weight! The only way to get a tight and toned tush, is to work it out! Let's get off our booties, and get to work!

Thea's Tone That Tush Workout

5 minute warm-up your choice
4x12 Lying leg curls (first set light, then progress weight)
4x12 Wide squats
4x12 Dumbbell box step-up
4x12 Barbell stiff-legged deadlifts
3x15 Hip abductor Superset with..
Dumbbell walking lunges
4x10 each leg butt blaster (or glute kickback)