Let's face it; the gym isn't for everyone. Although I think more people need to make it a part of their routine, living an active lifestlye is more important than being an avid gym-goer in my opinion.
Where to start:
If you have an able body, then you have the ability to be fit an active. No excuses! Begin by walking or jogging. That can soon turn in to walking or jogging with some abs,and push-ups. Later, you can add in squats, and lunges. From there when the running isn't challenging you can add in sprints to your run ie. Jog a street then sprint a street. Shoot for at least 30 minutes a day!
Other options:
Park workout
Outdoor sports
Outdoor yoga
Jumping rope
Power walking
Stadiums at a school (running the stairs)

No excuses... Find things to do wherever you are!