This has to be my favorite summer snack EVER. No joke, I couldn't take the smile off my face;prideful of this concoction! Try this, and it will hit the spot filling your body with wholesome nutritious food!

1/2 Medium Papaya
3 Tbsp. 0% Fage greek yogurt
3 Almonds
3 Walnuts
Pinch of flaxseed meal
Pinch of unsweetened coconut!

1. Cut papaya in half.
2. Scoop out seeds with a spoon.
3. Peel papaya (I used a potato peeler).
4. Fill papaya with yogurt.
5. Sprinkle on flaxseed, and coconut.
6. Place nuts on top.
7. Soak up the beauty of this creation, and dig in!