Ok!I have heard on NUMEROUS occasions from tons of people how busy they are and how they truly can't find the time they would like to workout. I am going to respond to all those comment's short and sweet by saying I KNOW.
I mean doesn't it sincerely SUCK! I wish there were more hours in the day! I can't tell you how nice it would be to have that hour to workout magically appear, but to be realistic it doesn't. To put in in other words, that time will never just appear. Throughout our whole ENTIRE lives! I hear the excuses, well when I'm done with school I'll have more time. WRONG. When you are done with school you will be working more, once that settles in you will spend your free time dating, or with a family. Bottom line is there will never be enough hours in the day, we tend to fill up those hours with the things we believe are most important. Work, school, social lives, etc.
Now is the perfect time to add in a workout regimen on your weekly TO-DO's. I know girls so committed they workout at 6 every morning to get it over with. Some people who workout at 11pm after a very long day. The people who truly find a stress relief, or balance when they exercise are the ones who will make time for it.
I am not saying each person isn't busier than the next, because some people take on more than others. Take the time to reflect and see where your priorities are. Some nights I know that going out late and spending money out on the town #1 is going to tire me out #2 is going to hurt my wallet #3 is going to make the next day a little less productive and #4 in conclusion ISN'T WORTH IT TO ME.
If you have the goal to get in to shape, then stop saying you don't have time. MAKE the time. I am just as busy as the next girl, and I hold myself to making sure I work out. This is because I realized I am happiest when my life has the balance. I have an amazing outlet when I workout to forget stress, drama, and tomorrow's homework to just simply focus on the now. The moment, and this healthy body that I am fortunate to inhabit. I owe it to myself to make the time to do the things I know make me feel like me.
So what does all this mumbo-jumbo I'm talking about boil down to?
Make the time to DO YOU. Bottom line! As long as you are making the decisions best for you, then you will be a healthier person, better friend, and a stronger individual.
Make sure you make the time to be the best YOU you can be!