Oh my gosh! I decided to make a chicken burger for lunch today.. I went in to the fridge and I saw some black beans and immediately thought how it would taste to put them on top of the chicken burger. I then decided it may taste better to put black beans in the burger. Finally I decided why not add cheese! :) mmmmm good!!!

2 slices whole wheat toast (make sure low in sugar)
1/2 small tomato sliced
1/2 c. spinach
2 tbsp. salsa
4 oz. 99% fat free ground chicken breast
1/4 c. black beans
1 wedge laughing cow swiss cheese (cut into small chunks)
Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning

1. In a small bowl mix ground chicken, black beans, seasoning, and cheese.
2. Put on grill (george foreman)
3. Toast bread
4. add tomato and spinach on bread.
5. I like to make a side of the salsa and dip the burger in there:)

Just the Cheesy Black Bean Patty:

Burger: Depends on what bread you use (look for lower calorie breads 50-90 calories a slice)