I enjoy drinking milk; I heard about almond milk and noticed that many people started substituting regular milk with almond milk. I drink milk from time to time, but mostly stick to almond milk nowJ

Almond milk is made when roasted almonds are crushed, then mixed purified water, evaporated cane juice (don’t need this but even milk has it), tricalcium phosphate (Tricalcium phosphate is calcium in its salt form added as an anti-caking agent and acidity regulator. It's also used to increase the calcium content of almond milk, which, unlike cow's milk, is not a natural source of calcium), sea salt (sea salt retains minerals and elements naturally found in the sea), potassium citrate (you need potassium for proper muscle work. Your heart, intestines and your skeletal muscles all need this nutrient to function.), carrageenan (natural seaweed extract found in the ocean and helps keep the look of milk), soy lecithin (a food additive used as an emulsifier to hold everything together and has vitamins), vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, d-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E).
Compared with other alternatives, almond milk is especially low in calories: A cup of original-formula Silk Pure Almond contains 60 calories, compared with 90 calories for a cup of original-formula Silk soymilk and 130 calories for a cup of 2% milk.

I use the Blue Diamond UNSWEETENED Almond Milk, which has ONLY 40 calories in comparison others. You can get it in the milk section of your market, in the cereal isle where the cereal, or in many natural food isles: it comes in a sealed container that doesn't have to be refrigerated until opened.

Let me know what you guys think of Almond Milk. Not the best thing to drink out of a cup, BUT in my cereal, recipes, and protein shakes it's a healthy alternative!