No carb diets, The Master Cleanse, South Beach Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Cookie Diet (yes, there is a cookie diet), Liquid diets, Slim Fast Diet, Special K challenge, and who could forget the Taco Bell Fresca menu diet; what do all of these diets have in common? They are fads!! These are diets and eating patterns that promote short-term weight loss, usually with no concern for long-term weight maintenance, and enjoy temporary popularity. In easier terms to grasp, THEY DON'T LAST! The reason these diets can show weight loss is for the fact that you are eating WAY less calories than normal. Anytime you reduce your caloric intake significantly you will see temporary weightloss. Think about this; after you are fed up with the diet or lost the 5 lbs you wanted to lose, what happens next?
The answer is: you eat normal food and gain the weight back! This is because throughout your short term weight loss you never learned how to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. You can't sustain a cookie diet or drinking slimfast shakes everyday for every meal for the rest of your life, so in my opinion it's best to not waste your time and money on them in the first place. These diets are not good for you, but are great money for the companies selling you on them. Think about it after losing 5 lbs drinking lemonade cayenne pepper and maple syrup (master cleanse), and you go back to your normal eating regimine you will gain that weight back quick (within a month).

So what should you get out of this little rant?

You need to realize that it's normal. We ALL have either done one of these diets, seen someone do them, or thought about doing one. This is what our society talks about and tells us to do. Yes, Beyonce lost weight on the Master cleanse for a movie roll, but gained the weight right back. A HUGE problem with these diets is that
1. You are not eating enough calories (inhibits muscle loss)
2. You are not eating frequently enough (slows metabolism)
3. You are not getting enough nutrients or energy (protein,healthy fats, carbs)
4. They aren't sustainable

You should educate yourself about healthy foods and engage in moderate exercise on a regular basis. These diets are bad for your health and should be ignored completely!

Follow my blog for more recipes, tips, and I promise you will learn that eating whole clean meals will get you to your goals, quickly, and safely.