For all of you that wonder if it is really possible to eat healthy all the time, my answer for you is yes. If you were to ask me if that is normal, my answer would be NO! In my opinion, we are all human right? We want to have fun and enjoy life. Watching what you are eating all the time can definitely get in the way of your social life.
What I like to do in this case, is make room for cheat meals or nights out. Allow them, because if you don't then it may drive you a little crazy and could possibly result in a binge. I wouldn't advise you to have a cheat meal everyday, or sometimes even every week. BUT on certain special occasions allow yourself to indulge:) I try to hold off on drinking, unless ALL my girlfriends are getting together and going somewhere. I don't ALWAYS want to be the only one not drinking, but STILL don't drink massive amounts! Be classy, and sip on a lower calorie drink or glass of wine (what's the point in binge drinking anyway?).
I try to go as long as possible without "cheating" but when I do, it is PLANNED. Yes!! You heard it. If you plan your cheat meals beforehand ie. Holiday, Birthday, etc. than you won't feel guilty afterward. When you are working hard reward yourself for your hard work with other things besides food. NAILS, HAIR, CLOTHES, ETC. The special occasions you do go out, don't OVERINDULGE. Allow those few drinks, that restaurants dinner salmon, or my favorite YOGURTLAND! Don't go above and beyond though, because that's when the guilt kicks in. Don't get fries a burger a shake and then drink all night (it's not worth it). If you're at a party, you should STILL skip the chips and the junk food if you decide to have those drinks. Don't think that since it's your cheat meal you are going to eat everything in site, pick and choose.
Stay on track all week long, pack your meals on Sunday and don't allow room for slip-ups. If you do slip up THAT'S OK! IT'S NORMAL!!!!! But that doesn't make it ok to think "we'll I ruined it today, so I'll start eating healthy tomorrow". Once you eat bad, your next meal should be healthy, it will make you feel BETTER! Once your down, do yourself the favor pick yourself back up instead of continuing to kick yourself. These battles are NORMAL and we all go through them!

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