It is very apparent that as the years go on people just seem to be getting bigger, fuller, heavier. This isn't a big surprise to any of us, since we see it everyday. What it boils down to is our everyday choices. We have the opportunity and resources to eat CHEAP (yes cheap) fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins. Instead of choosing these foods at the grocery store and packing our meals, we tend to not eat when we are busy and then gorge ourselves with what is usually fast or other sorts of unhealthy food.
Whats the problem with this?
When you don't eat often enough or skip meals your metabolism slows down. When you eat your blood sugar spikes, and if you are eating constantly throughout the day (every 2.5-3 hours) your blood sugar levels will remain consistent. By eating often and eating right, you will help speed up your metabolism and turn your body in to a calorie-burning machine. Regular and high intensity exercise is also a key factor in speeding up your metabolism.
Remember to get a complex carb, and a lean protein with every meal. Don't forget to eat healthy fats 2x a day.