Breakfast NO-NO's:
Flavored Coffee drinks
Sugary Cereal

Healthy Breakfast options: Pick one of each and pair them up how you like
1.Complex carb
oatmeal- my favorite in the morning
Whole wheat toast (ingredient label:low sugar)
Kashi Puffed Cereal (0 sugar)
Ezekiel Original Cereal
Joe's O's (original)
Cheerios (original)
2. Lean protein
Ralph's brand carbmaster yogurt
egg whites
Plain greek yogurt (low sugar)
Protein powder (low carb, low fat, low sugar)
3. Add a few berries, or slices of fruit
4. Add unsalted chopped walnuts, almonds, a spoonful of unsalted Peanut butter, or unsalted seeds

I usually have a cup of coffee or hot tea with my breakfast. Make sure you don't add unwanted calories in your coffee's. Sometimes as a treat I will add soy milk or non-fat milk in my coffee (tastes good and is way less calories and fat than cream)